As a group of curious adventure seekers, you plan an excursion to the home of supernatural to experience an encounter with the paranormal. Overlooking the warning from ASI you enter the Bhangarh fort during the sunset. Only a few steps in the fort and you realize you made a mistake! To survive, you must escape!


Play as a team of 4-8 players.


**Children under 14 are not permitted unless accompanied by an adult.










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Years ago, a magnificent theater that was the most applauded in the city was shadowed by innocent cries for help! A fire whose cause is still unknown, razed the theater to the ground killing everyone inside during the show. Today, the theater has been rebuilt exactly the way it was... but can that change its gloomy past or will you have to revisit it? Your exclusive invite for a pre launch show is expiring soon!












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You have been invited by the world renowned magician and your muse, Mr Hocus, to perform your special trick in his grand show. Excited as an ardent fan can be, you take the up opportunity and reach the venue along with a few others aspirants. After showcasing your trick, you fall into a deep mystical sleep only to wake up in the magicians dark chamber. Why the hell are you handcuffed? Since when have you been asleep? Something has went horribly wrong and you realize that the show starts in an hour. Can you put pieces together and make it in time?












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Your mate has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and you deny to accept his doomed fate. A genius, committed to get your friend out, you device an elaborated esacpe plan to help him break out by purposely getting yourself imprisoned. Fortunately, you are placed in the cell next to him just a few days before his execution. Will you be able to escape before he walks the final mile?












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You find yourself trapped in a dungeon as a test subject of an unethically confidential govenment experiment. The inhuman scientists are preparing for the first round of this highly classified test while you remain clueless of what they are going to do with you. Electro shock? Brain surgery? Chemical exposure? You have only 60 minutes to escape before this horrendous experiment begins! Hurry, you got to live!












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Price Vary Depending On Team Size And Peak-Time As Follows

  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) & Public Holidays

    Mission for 2: Rs 1000 per person

    Mission for 3: Rs 900 per person

    Mission for 4 and more: Rs 800 per person

  • Weekdays Special (Monday to Friday)

    Mission for 2: Rs 900 per person

    Mission for 3: Rs 800 per person

    Mission for 4: Rs 700 per person

    Mission for 5 and more: Rs 600 per person






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